Hi! I’m Karra

I have passion for tailoring since I was small child. I’ve realized clothing for dolls, and later my grandmother who was my true mentor, thought me  how to sewing with the machine. Later I began to change my own clothes or even forge me or my clothes basket. This passion for clothing , design and sewing , did not stop off here and want to excel in this field.

In addition to the templates I transform to classic pattern model , more inspiration is needed,, patience, that product has the desired result.
First thing is the high-quality materials such as: veils, silk, silk satin Ducess, brocades, embroidery or 3D embroidery with beads applications.
My style is defined by 3D drapery and clippings in combination with embroidery classic pattern mentioned above.

Long time I thought of a name to represent me, to be easy to remember and at the same time have resonance. Long after we got the name Karra combine Laun, the Irishman “Karra”, meaning “dear” and the word “Laune” in the Hausa language, which means “color”.